(ENG) The Talking Bibliography EP01 (ECF): Pap Abdoulaye Khouma and Anna Osei

July 17, 2022

This season #Blackcoffee collaborates with @kirykou_, a Milan-based cultural project which uses music, art, and literature to promote equality and modern Italy. As a recipient of the Culture Of Solidarity Fund, an initiative created by the @europeanculturalfoundation, #Blackcoffee, the Italian podcast that tells Black identities with no filter, keeps on going European by introducing you to a new section called the Talking Bibliography in collaboration with Kirykou. In each episode, our host Ronke Oluwadare (@ronkerockseverywhere), will present books written by Black writers. Following the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter became a global movement, and more and more people got to know about Afro-American writers such as Toni Morrison, James Baldwin and Angela Davis. With the Talking Bibliography, #Blackcoffee and Kirykou want to broaden the views by introducing the listeners to Black African and Black European writers. Literature and books are powerful tools to create dialogue, community, and understanding around different topics. We hope the Talking Bibliography will make you want to discover more about the books and their authors.

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